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Information on various home loans for buying a home or a home mortgage refinance. There are various types of home loan programs available for both buying a home or a home mortgage refinance. Below is a brief description of the various home loans:

If you are searching real estate listings of homes for sale by real estate agents or FSBO and are thinking of buying a home, we suggest that you check out the various mortgages that are available. There are mortgages for almost every need such as, if you are a first time home buyer, there are home buying grants that may help you or you may look into FHA loans. If you are a veteran you may want to research VA home loans and if you are a veteran in California you can look into a Calvet loan. If you already own a home in California and you wish to refinance your home mortgage loan you may want to check this mortgage site on California refinance mortgages. If you have checked your credit report and notice that you have bad credit you can still buy a home with  bad credit loans, some of which allow you to due 100% with no down payment. If you are in the state of California and are a member of CalPERS you may want to research CalPERS home loans which offer competitive mortgage rates. If you are a California teacher or work or teach at a California school you should look at CalSTRS home loan and competitive CalSTRS home loan rates.

There are many real estate websites that offer real estate listings but when searching for homes for sale we suggest you visit sites that are focus on the area you wish to buy a home in such as California real estate or smaller areas such as Orange county real estate, San Gabriel Valley / Pomona real estate or San Bernardino real estate. You may want also want to get a real estate referral   to a top  Realtor from the Real-Estate-Referral-Center.com. Lastly if you are thinking of doing a debt consolidation loan you may want to research a home equity line of credit or any other type of home equity loans as they will allow you to get cash out without having to do a mortgage refinance.

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